Using the app store version

Home Screen

You can create a document by clicking on the panel in the "New" category. Characters that are written panel represents the text mode. Click "Open File" panel in the "recently used files" if you want to open the file. You can also open the file from here if there is a panel that represents the file name in the category "Recent Files"

How Do I in document screen

You can either create a text here, and you can edit. The procedure is the same as the Windows Notepad basically, operation and indentation rectangle editing is now possible to

Rectangle editing

I will switch to edit mode in the rectangle CTRL + B. It allows selection rectangle by moving the cursor here. Once again, (it is called a row selection mode FooEditor) to switch to the selection and how familiar it in Notepad and press CTRL + B

The width of the selected area and you enter characters in the time of 0, if the character is inserted before the selected area, press the backspace key is Delete one character. It is replaced by the characters that you input if there is one or more width, character within the selected area will be deleted if you press the BS key or DEL key. If you run the copy command and cut the string within the selected area will be copied

Operation of indentation

If you enter a TAB to line selected, indent increases one. One less indent If you enter the SHIFT + TAB.

Components of the document screen

Document screen consists tab bar, app bar, in the editor section

Tab bar

New and switching of the document, and can be removed. document you click is closed If you press, it shifts to the home screen if you press the + button

App bar

You can make changes line jump, search and replace, and display of property. It is available in a regular expression search and replace. For the name of the regular expression usable regular expression. NET Framework refer to. You can make changes to the display of character code and text mode in the property. If you change the character code here, you will be asked whether you reopen the file. Re-open the character code specified to discard the document If you press "Yes" here. Without having to discard the document If you press "No", you can change the character code that is used to store documents

Editor section

Context menu is displayed when you right-click in the text area. You can cut in the context menu, paste, execute commands such as copy, to switch the selection mode.

Setting Charm

You can change the settings in the configuration editor charm. There are settings that apply to text mode and per settings that apply to all documents to set the editor, you can also add here also file types that are supported by the file dialog.